Computer problems causing you stress? Turning it on and off again didn’t do the trick?
The Australian PC Man is here to help! The friendly team are professionals in setting up new computers, finding the cause of slow or outdated computers and fixing fussy laptops, phones, PCs and more.

Onsite Repair
Australian PC Man’s skilled technicians can come to your home or workplace. Most repairs can be carried out on the spot or we can organise on-site pickup and return.

If you’re in the market for a new PC, laptop, tablet or phone the PC Man can also hook you up with the perfect technology to suit your needs from a range of leading brands such as Mac, Toshiba, Leader, HP, Acer ASUS and Sony. The team are also able to upgrade your existing computer.

The team can assist you in setting up your Internet connection and Email and help configure your cable or wireless network.

Data Management
We can help you with backup and recovery of your data and help minimise your risks from computer viruses, malicious software and hardware failure.

The team at Australian PC Man aren’t only there to help but to save you time and money!