Flowers have been a part of the Yanderra based family farm for three generations. You will find blooms of beauty on the farm that flourish at different times of the year. Jonima flowers respect the natural flower cycles and implement sustainable practices, working with the natural rhythm of the season to ensure they flourish.

Jonima Flowers have a selection of over 100 different varieties of blooms and foliage. From the sweet-scented blooms of garden roses, to the riotous summer colours of flowering gums and dahlias, the plantation of silver gym that captures the essence of the Australian bush, and the endless treasures and special finds in between.

Jonima Flowers offer handpicked bouquets and succulents (online orders and delivery to select locations), wholesale florals at a number of markets such as the Sydney Flower Market and special arrangements for weddings, events and celebrations. Jonima Flowers 'Flower Shed' is open Monday - Friday to the public selling their blooms at wholesale prices. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more details.