The Way To Health is focused on delicious simple whole food and easy habits to show people how easy it is to eat for Wellness and Weight Loss and improve many health symptoms and conditions.

Susan is a passionate registered Nutritionist who uses two scientifically based Nutrition programs, along with some helpful products and supplements to support you. Eating the right personalised foods for you, can change your Life!

The "Reset your Metabolism" program includes the famous award-winning Metabolic Balance Nutrition program from Europe! It matches very specific foods to your blood test results to correct an imbalanced Metabolism. Weight Loss is a great side effect. You start to feel good after only a few days. Susans other nutrition program is called the Food Compatibility Hair Test which also selects a very unique list of foods for you to eat, based on whether each food tests positive against your hair sample. So you know exactly which foods to avoid and which ones you can eat to reduce food intolerances, indigestion, inflammation, and pain.

Susan also offers some healthy products on her website including Digestive teas, and Lymphatic Self-Massage Gloves and natural mineral-based creams because supporting detoxification is very important during weight loss.