Rotolactor Park officially opened at The Village, Menangle on 21 October 2023. 

The 1.35-hectare green space is a community park, where families can come together to form new friendships.

Rotolactor Park boasts

  • A mix of native and deciduous trees
  • A nature play area
  • Ball games
  • BBQ spots
  • An all-abilities playground suitable for all ages. 

Rotolactor Park is named after the Menangle Rotolactor, the first automated circular milking machine of its kind in Australia and the third globally. It could milk 1,000 cows twice a day, holding 50 cows at a time and rotating every 12 minutes. It was part of the agricultural modernism movement, aimed at improving dairy operations. The Rotolactor quickly became a significant tourist attraction, drawing visitors to Menangle village. In 1953, it attracted up to 2,000 visitors a week, making it a vital part of the local economy.