Couridjah Corridor Walk

Couridjah Corridor Walk

Thirlmere Lakes National Park Thirlmere 2572

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Please note certain areas in Thirlmere Lakes are closed until Tuesday 22 March 2022 due to heavy rain and flooding.

The Couridjah Corridor walk is a 14km return hike that takes in both the Thirlmere Lakes National Park and Nattai National Park. The 4-6 hour walk has visitors discovering amazing Australian animals and birds ranging from Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Wallaroos, glossy Black Cockatoos and owls.

Walkers will see some of the best spots at Thirlmere Lakes and Nattai National Park. The trail passes by Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs, sheltered gorges, eucalypt forests and the wetlands of Thirlmere Lakes.

The term ‘Couridjah’ refers to ‘honey’ in the Gundagurra language. The area has been long prized by Aboriginal people for its water supply and abundant wildlife.

The Couridjah Corridor walk is rated at a Grade 4 walk. Bushwalking experience is recommended as the track is long with limited signage. When you reach the locked gate, be sure to retrace your steps along the return journey.

Lake Couridjah

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