It’s been 30 years since Larry and Mickey Robertson discovered a collection of dilapidated, early colonial vernacular farm buildings in the foothills of the Razorback Range. Since then, the original farmhouse has been restored and extended. And the former cowshed, dairy, stable, hay shed, barn, store room and other outbuildings have been given new purpose. Step by step, all have been linked together by new fences, walls, paths, steps, hedges and gardens. The result is a small, unique and charming country property nestled into a beautiful landscape at the very edge of Sydney. Visitors can now experience an inspiring day at Glenmore House and its unique working garden.

Kitchen Garden Workshops
The Kitchen Garden Workshop is a unique experience.  The day begins with with morning tea and seasonal freshly baked cake, followed by an introduction into kitchen gardening and an immersive session inspecting gardens beds and learning all there is to know about compost. Throughout the workshop you will grasp the beating heart of the garden, the full circle of vegetable gardening and a true understanding of seasonality. A garden inspired, seasonal lunch follows to end the workshop, with the opportunity to linger in the garden to your heart’s content.

Private Day at Glenmore House
A day at Glenmore House is truly magical. Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to pick seasonal produce and flowers from the garden to contribute towards a long-table lunch and enjoy a garden wander. Micky will inspire your thoughts on caring and nurturing plants and vegetable gardening. You’ll be doing some tasting and cooking along the way to enjoying a delicious lunch. The Private Day at Glenmore House unfolds according to the season, so there will always be a surprise in store!

Glenmore house also hold a number of events and workshop opportunities throughout the year such as candle making, floristry and more. Keep an eye out on their website for more details.