Has your beloved childhood teddy been suffering with a leg amputation since the 70s? Did Dolly get an everlasting bad haircut? Or maybe the gorgeous pram that’s been handed down the family tree has developed a wonky wheel. Sydney’s Original Doll Hospital is the answer to restoring all of these loved items to their former glory.

Sydney’s Original Doll Hospital have been bringing treasured toys back to life since 1913. You may remember the popular shop being located in Bexley and now the very same team have brought their unique and expert skill set to Appin.  The business is family run with 6 generations sharing in the expertise of bear and doll repairs across two close families working side by side.

Having restored almost 3 million pre-loved dolls and bears, Sydney’s Original Doll Hospital are the number one choice to bring your cherished toys back to life. The team can provide repairs, restorations and evaluations by an expert antique toy valuer. The shops also has a selection of dolls, prams and rocking beds for sale.